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Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth is a British broadcaster, journalist and human rights activist. She has written for the New Statesman, the Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail. She is a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq and a supporter of the Stop the War Coalition. Booth is the sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair. Presently, Booth presents ’Remember Palestine ’ on Press TV.

Articles de cet auteur

  • An Al Quds day letter to Tony Blair. From Lauren Booth, in Iran.

    Wednesday 29 September 2010
    Dear Tony, Congratulations on your political memoir becoming an instant bestseller. I’m in Iran and have the only copy in the country. I can tell you, it’s so fiercely fought over, it’s worth its weight in WMD’s. Note to Random House; have ’A Journey’ translated into Farsi and Arabic ASAP, it’ll fly off the shelves in this part of the world. Tony, yesterday I went to Al Quds day protest in Tehran . You may have heard of it? It’s the rally where Iranians gather to protest against Israel ’s illegal (...) continue continue

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