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تموز (يوليو) 2018

Mary Rizzo

Mary Rizzo is an art restorer, translator and writer living in Italy. Editor and co-founder of Palestine Think Tank, co-founder of Tlaxcala translations collective. Her personal blog is Peacepalestine.

Articles de cet auteur

  • Ahmadinejad, time for a change of tactics?

    Tuesday 21 April 2009
    Every time I see Ahmadinejad go to speak at a forum, I start to put my hands in my hair. It is not that I disagree with the man, it’s simply that I can’t figure out why he has still not yet learned how the game works at least where the majority of the world’s power structure is located. It is enough for him to be announced as a visitor, be it at Columbia University, the UN General Assembly or an international forum on racism, and all the players line up to go through the motions. While his (...) continue continue

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