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  • Trying to Try Sharon

    11 October 2001, by Linda A. Malone
    The concept of universal jurisdiction in international law is undergoing a historic test in Belgium. On November 28, a Belgian court will decide whether Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon can be tried for his alleged role in the slaughter by Lebanese militiamen of untold numbers of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in West Beirut in 1982. At the time, Sharon was in charge of Israel’s invasion and occupation of Lebanon. On October 3, an appellate court (...) continue continue
  • Arab anger as Hillary Clinton backs Israel on settlements

    2 November 2009, by Ian Black
    Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, sought to deflect the anger and disappointment of pro-western Arab states today after backing Israel’s position that it did not need to freeze settlement activity as a prelude to resuming peace talks with the Palestinians. Clinton was due to meet foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other key Arab states at a G8 conference in Morocco after brief talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah at the weekend. In what appeared to be a significant policy (...) continue continue
  • Palestine in Pieces

    25 October 2009, by Jeff Gore
    In 1979, Kathleen and Bill Christison retired from the CIA, where they worked as analysts. Ever since then, they’ve had an unorthodox retirement, to say the least. With only a couple relatively brief interludes, they’ve dedicated what could have been years of relaxation to fighting perhaps the most uphill battle imaginable: trying to bring the plight of the Palestinians to the public eye. The newest addition to the Christison canon is Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli (...) continue continue
  • The day the bulldozers came...

    27 October 2009,
    West Bank farmer Mahmoud al-’Alam won’t forget the day Israeli army bulldozers cut off his water supply... and destroyed his livelihood. The village of Beit Ula, where Mahmoud lives, is not connected to the Palestinian water network. Instead the community, located north-west of Hebron, relies on rainwater, which it collects and stores in pots dug in the ground, known as cisterns. The nine new cisterns built in 2006 as part of a European Union-funded project to improve food security became (...) continue continue
  • Israel rations Palestinians to trickle of water

    27 October 2009,
    Amnesty International has accused Israel of denying Palestinians the right to access adequate water by maintaining total control over the shared water resources and pursuing discriminatory policies. These unreasonably restrict the availability of water in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and prevent the Palestinians developing an effective water infrastructure there. “Israel allows the Palestinians access to only a fraction of the shared water resources, which lie mostly in the (...) continue continue
  • A Tsunami Called Goldstone

    26 octobre 2009, par Uri Avnery
    According to a Chinese saying, if someone in the street tells you that you are drunk, you can laugh. If a second person tells you that you are drunk, start to think about it. If a third one tells you the same, go home and sleep it off. Our political and military leadership has already encountered the third, fourth and fifth person. All of them say that they must investigate what happened in the “Molten Lead” operation. They have three options : - to conduct a real investigation. (...) suite suite
  • A Profile In Courage: Turkey Takes A Stand For Justice

    16 October 2009, by Dr. Alan Sabrosky
    There is always something compelling about a "David and Goliath" confrontation. Most of us prefer winners to losers, and almost everyone feels a thrill when the underdog takes a stand and prevails. This is the surprising situation now unfolding in the rising drama of the Goldstone Report on Gaza. Goliath — in this instance, Israel plus the US in its usual role of Bibi Netanyahu’s "Uncle Tom" — assumed that broad threats and a predictable US veto on the UN Security Council would kill that (...) continue continue
  • Turkey confirms it barred Israel from military exercise because of Gaza war

    12 October 2009, by Julian Borger
    Turkey’s foreign minister said yesterday that his government cancelled a planned joint military exercise with Israel in protest against that country’s offensive on Gaza ten months ago. The move is a clear sign the offensive, in which over 1,100 Palestinians were killed is still causing the Jewish state diplomatic damage. The Nato air exercises with Israel were due to begin today in Turkey’s Anatolian region, but days earlier Ankara told the Israeli military it was no longer invited to (...) continue continue
  • UN human rights chief endorses Goldstone Gaza report

    15 October 2009, by Andrew Morgan
    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Thursday reiterated her support for the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict. In a statement to the 12th Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council on human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Pillay said that she agrees with the report’s findings, describing it as a "call for urgent action to counter impunity": I encourage the Council and the broader international community to (...) continue continue
  • UN: US Block on Goldstone Report Must Not Defer Justice

    2 October 2009,
    The decision at the UN Human Rights Council to defer a vote on the Goldstone Gaza report until March 2010 obliges the United States and other governments blocking action at the council to press Israel and Hamas to commence credible investigations, Human Rights Watch said today. The fact-finding mission found evidence of violations of the laws of war during the Gaza conflict that should trigger credible investigations of the conduct of both sides. Given its responsibility for forcing a (...) continue continue

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