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  • Syria: The hidden massacre

    by Sharmine Narwani

    The attack took place shortly after the first stirrings of trouble in the southern Syrian city of Daraa in March 2011.
    Several old Russian-made military trucks packed with Syrian security forces rolled onto a hard slope on a valley road between Daraa al-Mahata and Daraa al-Balad. Unbeknown to the passengers, the sloping road was slick with oil poured by gunmen waiting to ambush the troops.
    Brakes were pumped as the trucks slid into each other, but the shooting started even before the (…)

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  • Obama Warned on Syrian Intel

    Exclusive: Despite the Obama administration’s supposedly “high confidence” regarding Syrian government guilt over the Aug. 21 chemical attack near Damascus, a dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials are telling President Obama that they are picking up information that undercuts the Official Story.
    MEMORANDUM FOR: The President
    FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
    SUBJECT: Is Syria a Trap?
    Precedence: IMMEDIATE
    We regret to inform you that some of (…)

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  • Margaret Thatcher’s Criminal Legacy

    by Finian Cunningham

    Hours after the death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, the history books are being re-written and the beatification of the Iron Lady is well underway.
    Current British premier David Cameron praised Lady Thatcher for having “saved Britain” and for making the has-been colonial power “great again”.
    Tributes poured forth from French and German leaders, Francoise Hollande and Angela Merkel, while US President Barack Obama said America had lost a “special friend”.
    Former (…)

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  • #opIsrael – Anonymous stands by Palestine in this time of war and grief

    Greetings World
    For far too long, Anonymous has stood by with the rest of the world and watched in despair the barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people in the so called “Occupied Territories” by the Israel Defense Force. Like so many around the globe, we have felt helpless in the face of such implacable evil. And today’s insane attack and threatened invasion of Gaza was more of the same.
    But when the government of Israel publicly threatened to sever all (…)

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  • State of recognition

    by Joseph Massad

    Whether the UN grants the PA status as a state or refuses to do so, either outcome will be in Israel’s interest.
    What is at stake in Barack Obama’s vehement refusal to recognise Palestine as a mini-state with a disfigured geography and no sovereignty, and his urging the world community not to recognise it while threatening the Palestinians with retribution? What is the relationship between Obama’s refusal to recognise Palestine and his insistence on recognising Israel’s right to be a (…)

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  • Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Obama: tragic hero vs political prostitute

    24 September 2011, by Uri Avnery

    A wonderful speech. A beautiful speech.
    The language expressive and elegant. The arguments clear and convincing. The delivery flawless.
    A work of art. The art of hypocrisy. Almost every statement in the passage concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue was a lie. A blatant lie: the speaker knew it was a lie, and so did the audience.
    It was Obama at his best, Obama at his worst.
    Being a moral person, he must have felt the urge to vomit. Being a pragmatic person, he knew that he had to (…)

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  • Israeli Economy for Beginners

    by Gilad Atzmon

    We learn from the press and political analysts that, against all odds and in spite of the global financial turmoil, Israel’s economy is booming. Some even suggest that Israel is one of the strongest economies around.
    ‘How come?’ you may ask; besides maybe avocado, oranges, and some Dead Sea beauty products, none of us has actually ever seen an Israeli product on the shelves. They don’t make cars; nor do they make electric or electronic appliances, and they hardly manufacture any (…)

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  • Arab Revolutions Under Threats of Penetration and Third Hegemony

    by Adel Samara

    Current Arab revolutions must originate from their own organic environments in order to produce their own new social formations including new structures, institutions, agencies and sets of beliefs, values, norms, discourse and systems of meanings as a sine qua non for an Arab self-determent, sovereignty, independence and sustainable development. Permanent indigenous, inborn Arab revolution is the only guarantee to stem the hemorrhage of Arab economic surplus, external pillage and plunder, (…)

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  • Goldstone has paved the path for a second Gaza war

    7 April 2011, by Gideon Levy

    Anyone who honored the first Goldstone has to ask him: What exactly do you know today that you didn’t know then? Do you know today that criticizing Israel leads to a pressure-and-slander campaign that you can’t withstand, you ‘self-hating Jew’?
    All at once the last doubts have disappeared and the question marks have become exclamation points. Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu Al-Aish wrote a short book in which he invented the killing of his three daughters. The 29 dead from the Al-Simoni family are now (…)

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  • Goldstone: An act of negligence

    4 April 2011, by Noura Erekat

    In the wake of a monumental victory in the human rights community to move the Goldstone Report out of the Human Rights Council (HRC) to the General Assembly where it can be underpinned by actionable follow up, Justice Richard Goldstone’s recent editorial makes some human rights practitioners wish it had been left to languish in the HRC.
    Goldstone sought to do two things in his op-ed: to amend the record by stating that Israel’s attacks may not have been deliberate and second, to emphasise (…)

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