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  • While Jews de-link from Zionism, some Palestinians become Zionized

    May 2007, by Adel Samara
    It was the 59th anniversary of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians when Ilan Pappe, the neo, but real, Israeli historian delivered a speech in Ramallah explaining how he uncovered the actual and deliberate ethnic cleansing of most of the Palestinian people from Palestine in the 1948 war. Pappe spoke openly, smoothly and fluently that the Zionist leadership evicted Palestinians by force, a fact which we did not learn by heart only through our history but also from the narrative of the (...) continue continue
  • Palestine 2007 : Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank

    11 janvier 2007, par Ilan Pappe
    On this stage, not so long ago, I claimed that Israel is conducting genocidal policies in the Gaza Strip. I hesitated a lot before using this very charged term and yet decided to adopt it. Indeed, the responses I received, including from some leading human rights activists, indicated a certain unease over the usage of such a term. I was inclined to rethink the term for a while, but came back to employing it today with even stronger conviction : it is the only appropriate way to describe (...) suite suite
  • Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq

    by Chris Floyd
    Paint It Black Imagine a city torn by sectarian strife. Competing death squads roam the streets; terrorists stage horrific attacks. Local authority is distrusted and weak; local populations protect the extremists in their midst, out of loyalty or fear. A bristling military occupation exacerbates tensions at every turn, while offering prime targets for bombs and snipers. And behind the scenes, in a shadow world of double-cross and double-bluff, covert units of the occupying power run (...) continue continue
  • Israel’s Kafkaesque "Matrix of Control"

    31 janvier 2007, par Stephen Lendman
    Finding an equitable solution to the intractable, festering decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the Gordian Knot that must be cut to achieve peace overall in the Middle East. Today, no solution is in sight nor are any serious efforts planned to find one despite occasional rhetoric to the contrary like what’s now being heard from Washington with similar disingenuous echos inside Israel. Palestinians know otherwise from long experience. They’ve heard this siren song before. It’s the (...) suite suite
  • Two lobbies defend the oppression

    8 November 2006, by Amira Haas
    There could not have been a worse time to release the Human Rights Watch report on violence against women within Palestinian families and society: yesterday, November 7, at the same time the Israeli army withdrew from Beit Hanun after a six-day assault that claimed 53 lives. At least 27 of those killed were unarmed civilians, including 10 children and two Red Crescent volunteers. Of the 200 or so people injured in the operation, there were at least 50 children and 46 women. In addition to (...) continue continue
  • World silent as fascists join Israel government

    October 2006, by Ali Abunimah
    In a frightening but long expected move, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has brought the Yisrael Beitenu party into his coalition government. The party’s leader, Avigdor Lieberman, is to be vice prime minister and, as "Minister for Strategic Threats," a key member of Israel’s "security cabinet" in charge of the Iran portfolio. Yisrael Beitenu is a dangerous extremist party with fascist tendencies that has openly advocated the "transfer" of Palestinians, including the transfer of Arab (...) continue continue
  • Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon - Reflections on the international law of force

    2006, by Karim Makdisi
    According to the UN, on the morning of 12 July 2006, a Hizbullah unit crossed the Blue Line created by the 1949 Armistice between Israel and Lebanon and attacked an Israeli army patrol near the border, capturing two Israeli soldiers and killing three others. The captured soldiers were brought back into Lebanon, and a heavy exchange of fire ensued between Hizbullah and Israel across the entire length of the Blue Line. Israel’s armed forces targeted, in these initial exchanges, not just (...) continue continue
  • How Hezbollah defeated Israel

    October 2006, by Alastair Crooke, Mark Perry
    Winning the intelligence war Introduction Writing five years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, US military expert Anthony Cordesman published an account of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. "Preliminary Lessons of the Israeli-Hezbollah War" created enormous interest in the Pentagon, where it was studied by planners for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and passed hand-to-hand among military experts in Washington. Cordesman made no secret of his modest conclusions, rightly recognizing that (...) continue continue
  • The country that wouldn’t grow up

    October 2006, by Tony Judt
    By the age of 58 a country - like a man - should have achieved a certain maturity. After nearly six decades of existence we know, for good and for bad, who we are, what we have done and how we appear to others, warts and all. We acknowledge, however reluctantly and privately, our mistakes and our shortcomings. And though we still harbor the occasional illusion about ourselves and our prospects, we are wise enough to recognize that these are indeed for the most part just that: illusions. In (...) continue continue
  • Hizb Allah, Party of God

    October 2006, by Nir Rosen
    In the wake of Israel’s 33-day war with Hizballah, the 24-year-old Islamic movement has become the most popular political party in the Middle East. Here’s why that shouldn’t worry us. Over 1 million Lebanese gathered in a vast square in a southern Beirut suburb on Sept. 22 to celebrate their country’s largely successful campaign against Israel. Seyid Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-general of Hizballah, risked his life by appearing in public after Israeli leaders had sworn to kill him, and spoke (...) continue continue

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