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  • Ethnic Cleansing by any other name

    14 April 2010, by Yousef Munayyer
    Background The West Bank has been occupied by Israel since 1967. Israel maintains authoritative jurisdiction over the happenings in the West Bank via its military apparatus. Decisions governing the simplest aspects of Palestinian life, from traveling from one area to another to building a home, ultimately lie under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Military’s High Command in the West Bank. In October of 2009, amendments were made to military orders governing the legitimate presence of persons (...) continue continue
  • The Dark Underbelly of Israel’s Security State

    9 April 2010, by Jonathan Cook
    Next week 23-year-old Anat Kamm is due to stand trial for her life — or rather the state’s demand that she serve a life sentence for passing secret documents to an Israeli reporter, Uri Blau, of the liberal Haaretz daily. She is charged with spying. Blau himself is in hiding in London, facing, if not a Mossad hit squad, at least the stringent efforts of Israel’s security services to get him back to Israel over the opposition of his editors, who fear he will be put away too. This episode has (...) continue continue
  • IDF bid to expel West Bank Palestinians is a step too far

    12 April 2010,
    A new military order will take effect this week, enabling the army to deport tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and prosecute them on infiltration charges, which carry long prison terms. The order, uncovered by Amira Hass in Haaretz yesterday, bears the signature of Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni in his previous capacity as commander of the Israel Defense Forces in Judea and Samaria. The order’s vague language will allow army officers to exploit it arbitrarily to carry out mass (...) continue continue
  • Covering Up Civilian Deaths

    6 avril 2010, par Stephen Soldz
    The recent news brought reports of two incidents in two countries where US troops killed civilians and then lied to cover up the evidence. These are but the latest of a steady stream of lies from military and Pentagon sources about the killing of civilians. Afghanistan : Killing Pregnant Women and Government Officials In Afghanistan, the military has finally admitted that Special Forces troops killed two pregnant Afghan women and a girl in a February raid in which Afghan government (...) suite suite
  • Land Day : its origins and significance

    30 March 2010, by Sawsan Ramahi
    Land Day is considered to be a milestone in the history of the Palestinian struggle. It is the day when the Palestinian people declared their commitment to defending the land of their forefathers, and maintain their identity and national rights, despite the ongoing Israeli massacres, terrorism and abuse. It is the day when the Palestinian people stood up to Israeli efforts to seize and Judaize Palestinian land and eliminate its Arab citizens by repressive, brutal and immoral means. Land (...) continue continue
  • Britain’s policy on Palestine is hypocritical, duplicitous and mendacious

    15 March 2010, by Khalid Amayreh
    Last week, a few Palestinian journalists and I had the opportunity to meet with Martin Day, a spokesman of the British government. The meeting, which was hosted by the Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN), took place in Ramallah. In his introductory remarks, Day gave the impression that the imminent renewal of peace talks between the almost completely helpless Palestinian Authority (PA) and a brazenly insolent Israel, ruled by the most hawkish government in the Jewish state’s history, will (...) continue continue
  • Nearly 300 Congress members declare commitment to ’unbreakable’ U.S.-Israel bond

    26 March 2010, by Natasha Mozgavaya
    Nearly 300 members of Congress have signed on to a declaration reaffirming their commitment to "the unbreakable bond that exists between [U.S.] and the State of Israel", in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The letter was sent in the wake of the severe recent tensions between Israel and the U.S. over the prior’s decision to construct more than 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, a project it announced during U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the region. Prime (...) continue continue
  • US says Israeli bond ’unshakeable’

    17 March 2010,
    The US has affirmed its "unshakeable" and "unbreakable" bond with Israel amid the allies’ most public spat in years over Israel’s announcement that it would build 1,600 new settler homes. "We have an absolute commitment to Israel’s security. We have a close, unshakeable bond between the United States and Israel," Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said in Washington on Tuesday. Her comments appeared to be much softer in tone following days of tough rhetoric after Israel announced (...) continue continue
  • Petraeus Confirms Link Between Israel-Palestine and U.S. Security

    17 March 2010, by Jim Lobe
    In prepared testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning, Gen. David Petraeus delivered the message that, as we’ve been writing over the last few days, Mark Parry reported on Saturday. Here’s the money quote: Insufficient progress toward a comprehensive Middle East peace. The enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the AOR. Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into (...) continue continue
  • Palestinians should now declare their independence

    12 March 2010, by Johann Hari
    This week the Obama administration - who give Israel $3bn a year, more than they dole out to any other nation on earth - made a meek and craven request for Israelis to simply have a pause in seizing even more land, and to sit down with the Palestinians. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded with a big concrete slap: the announcement of 1,600 more homes to be built on occupied Palestinian land from which Arabs will be forcibly kept out. He has made it plain he will not loosen his grip (...) continue continue

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