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Isreal’s collective massacres

Tuesday 26 شعبان 1427

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Nb. Village Region Date Targeted area Number of killed Number of wounded Remarks
1. Aytaroun first Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 12 July Houses of Ali and Hassan Al-Akhrass 11 civilians unknown Family members of Hassan Al-Akrass hold Canadian nationality and held press conference in Montreal
2. Dweir Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 13 July Ali Akkash house 12 civilians Entire family was killed with children under 18
3. Zibkeen Tyre/South Lebanon 13 July Naim Bzeeh with its three floors 12 civilians unknown Corpses remained under rubble till end of aggression
4. Shhour Tyre/South Lebanon 13 July Ali Khashab house 7 civilians unknown There were still corpses under rubble
5. Baflay Tyre/South Lebanon 13 July Munir Zein 8 civilians unknown 2 Kuwaitis amongst victims
6. Yatar first Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 14 July Abu-Akeel Sweydan 5 civilians unknown
7. Marwaheen Tyre/South Lebanon 15 July Convoy of civilians attempting to flee village after Israeli warning to bomb Marwaheen 22 civilians unknown Convoy was struck in Bayyada
8. Civil Defense Building Tyre/South Lebanon 16 July 8-storey building 12 civilians 50 wounded Corpses remained under rubble
9. Abbassiyeh crossroad Tyre/South Lebanon 16 July Building on main road 13 civilians unknown
10. Abba Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 16 July Abed El-Aziz Tarheeni 10 civilians 12 civilians Most of victims belonged to same family
11. Borj Shamali Tyre/South Lebanon 16 July Ramez Zayyat house 5 civilians 8 civilians 2 newborns were killed
12. Aytaroun second Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 17 July Houses of Mohammed and Hassan Awada 13 civilians unknown Corpses were still under rubble
13. Rmayleh 17 July Convoy of displaced people trying to flee their villages heavily struck by air raids 12 civilians unknown Chemical bombs were thrown on convoy of displaced people
14. Al-Hosh Tyre/South Lebanon 17 July Kodsi Villa 4 civilians 3 civilians UNIFIL removed rubble and pulled corpses buried beneath it
15. Shmeiss Shheem/Mount Lebanon 17 July Residential house 5 civilians 10 civilians
16. Srifa Tyre/South Lebanon Night of 18-19 July As-Sakna and Al Marj neighbourhoods, total demolition of more than 10 houses More than 35 civilians 30 civilians Corpses of victims remained for weeks, till rotting disintegrated
17. Aynatha Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon Night of 19 July Sami Darwish house 4 civilians 5 civilians Corpses remained under rubble
18. Salaa Tyre/South Lebanon 19 July Hassan Moustapha Ayyoub 6 civilians unknown Corpses remained under rubble
19. Aytaroun third Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 19 July Convoy of displaced fleeing Aytaroun on Borj Shamali road 4 civilians 2 civilians
20. Maaraboun West Bekaa 19 July Convoy of pickup trucks driven by farmers 7 civilians 2 civilians
21. Nabatiyeh first Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 19 July Central Capitol commercial building 5 civilians 5 civilians Raid targeted also ambulance
22. Nabi Sheet West Bekaa 19 July Hassan Shakar house 8 civilians 3 civilians Amongst victims there were displaced from Mayss Al-Jabal village, 2 entire families of 8 were killed
23. Tyre second Tyre/South Lebanon 19 July Residential areas 20 civilians unknown Many corpses remained under rubble for several days
24. Nabatiyeh second Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 25 July House of Saad Mamzeh 7 civilians unknown
25. Haddatha Bint Jbeil/ South Lebanon 28 July Hussein Mohammed Sabra house 6 civilians unknown Air raid targeted religious place used for social occasions (called "husseyniyeh") of neighbouring village, 6 members of same family were
26. Kfarjoz Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 28 July Dana Al-Khaleej Building 6 civilians unknown Many neighbouring residential buildings were hit
27. Deir Kanoun Nahr Tyre/South Lebanon 28 July Abed Ezzedine house 4 civilians unknown
28. Yatar second Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 28 July Internal houses and roads 4 civilians unknown
29. Noumeyriyyeh Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 29 July Houses of families Haraki and Bdeir 7 civilians unknown One entire family was killed in addition to neighbours
30. Ayn Arab Bekaa 29 July Unidentified residential houses 6 civilians 3 wounded Many corpses remained under rubble for several days
31. Yaroun Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 30 July House where villagers were hiding seeking safe haven 6 civilians unknown 6 members of same family (Khanafer) were killed: 3 women and 3 children
32. New Qana massacre Tyre/South Lebanon 30 July Shalhoub building (three-storey) 60 civilians 9 civilians at least Victims were mainly from Shalhoub and Hashem families. Corpses remained under rubble for several days
33. Hareess Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 31 July Houses of Khalil Jawad and Ali Saaban 16 civilians unknown 16 corpses of the two families remained under rubble of two residential houses
34. Halloussiyeh Tyre/South Lebanon 31 July Hussein Mwanness More than 13 civilians unknown All corpses belonged to same family (many of them were children under 12) and remained under rubble for several weeks
35. Road massacre in Qoleyleh Tyre/South Lebanon 31 July Roads and vehicles between Qoleyleh and A-Jebbeyn 12 civilians Corpse of an 8 year old child amongst the victims
36. Luweyzeh Ikleem Tuffah/South Lebanon 1 August Salim Hashem house 5 civilians 1 civilian
37. Maaroub Tyre/South Lebanon 1 August Abdel-Hussein Taleb 5 civilians unknown Corpses remained under the rubble for a while
38. Baalbeck Bekaa Night 1-2 August Commandos operation on a hospital in Baalbeck killed civilians 17 civilians 8 civilians Victims were only women, children and Syrian workers. Five innocent civilians were kidnapped and released later
39. Qaa Bekaa 4 August Syrian workers packaging peaches 50 civilians unknown
40. Taybeh Marjeyoun/South Lebanon 4 August Two-storey residential house 7 civilians 10 civilians Victims were elderly unable to leave their houses
41. Ayta Shaab Bint Jbeil/South Lebanon 4 August Residential house 10 civilians unknown Corpses remained under the rubble for a while
42. Ansar Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 6 August Ibrahim Assi house 5 civilians 10 civilians Entire family (Ibrahim Assi, his wife, his two daughters and their neighbours). Rescue workers pulling them were hit by another air strike hitting 9 neighbouring houses
43. Al-Jubbeyn Tyre/South Lebanon 6 August House of Kassem Akeel 4 civilians unknown Air strikes hit heavily the village killing Kassem Akeel, his wife, his daughter and another victim
44. Houla Marjeyoun/South Lebanon 7 August Several residential houses, amongst them a shelter 5 civilians unknown 60 persons hiding in a shelter and a social club "husseyniyeh" were miraculously rescued, while all surrounding buildings totally destroyed by 6 heavy air strikes
45. Ghassaniyeh Saida/South Lebanon 7 August Abdallah Tohmeh house 8 civilians unknown Air strike hit at dawn Abdallah Khalil two-storey building killing him, his wife, his two sons, his two brothers and two others
46. Ghaziyeh first Saida/South Lebanon 7 August Residential neighbourhoods 21 civilians 30 civilians
47. Kfartebneet Nabatiyeh/South Lebanon 7 August Residential houses 5 civilians 18 civilians 7 houses were totally destroyed, Harouf village was targeted later
48. Breetal first Bekaa 7 August Residential houses 14 civilians 31 civilians Many houses totally damaged, Shmestar village targeted later
49. Shiyyah Beirut southern suburb 7 August Hajjaj residential neighbourhood 20 civilians 30 civilians Death toll increased later since many corpses were removed beneath rubble. Displaced from Beer Al-Abed, Haret Hrayk, Hayy Mawad amongst victims
50. Ghaziyeh second Saida/South Lebanon 8 August Air raids struck heavily on funeral procession of victims of previous day air raids 14 civilians 24 civilians
51. Mashgharah Bekaa 9 August Four-storey building 8 civilians unknown Victims were all from same family
52. Al-Hayssa Akkar/North Lebanon 11 August Al-Hayssa bridge 12 civilians 15 civilians
53. Marjeyoun convoy Bekaa 11 August Displaced convoy heading to Bekaa valley fleeing Marjeyoun area 7 civilians 32 civilians Convoy was escorted by UN forces and had previous security clearance. It was constituted of more than 1500 civilian cars and 200 military cars
54. Rweyss Beirut southern suburb 13 August 15 civilians unknown Death toll increased later after pulling additional corpses from under rubble. Amongst people who were killed there were 3 newborns
55. Breetal second Bekaa 13 August Residential building in Breetal 13 civilians 22 civilians 5 families were looking for safe haven in building that was struck heavily by Israeli air raids
56. Jamaliyyeh Bekaa 14 August Van carrying civilians 7 civilians 7 civilians Van was carrying displaced people

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