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Gideon Levy

Journaliste israelien collaborant a Ha’aretz

Articles de cet auteur

  • Goldstone has paved the path for a second Gaza war

    Saturday 9 April 2011
    Anyone who honored the first Goldstone has to ask him: What exactly do you know today that you didn’t know then? Do you know today that criticizing Israel leads to a pressure-and-slander campaign that you can’t withstand, you ‘self-hating Jew’? All at once the last doubts have disappeared and the question marks have become exclamation points. Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu Al-Aish wrote a short book in which he invented the killing of his three daughters. The 29 dead from the Al-Simoni family are now (...) continue continue
  • The Middle East does not need stability

    Sunday 13 February 2011
    This so-called stability encompasses millions of Arabs living under criminal regimes and evil tyrannies. By Gideon Levy When a tank enters a residential neighborhood, sows fear and destruction, and the local kids throw stones at it, what is this called? "Disturbing the peace." And what do you call the detention of those stone-throwers, allowing the tank to continue on its way without any more trouble? "Restoring order." That is how we have shaped our disgustingly laundered language to (...) continue continue
  • Palestinians Can Only Watch As Egyptians Are Living Their Dream

    Saturday 12 February 2011
    In the Jenin refugee camp this week, there was one man who looked like he had been hanged. A rope tied around his body, he rocked back and forth for several long moments - bearing a striking resemblance to the effigy of Egypt’s president strung up in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. But in Jenin, it was the bad servant of the evil queen who was hanged - in a performance of "Alice in Wonderland," based on the story by Lewis Carroll at The Freedom Theater. The audience cheered when they saw the hanged (...) continue continue
  • Peace not wanted

    Friday 5 March 2010
    Israel does not want peace with Syria. Let’s take off all the masks we’ve been hiding behind and tell the truth for a change. Let’s admit that there’s no formula that suits us, except the ludicrous "peace for peace." Let’s admit it to ourselves, at least, that we do not want to leave the Golan Heights, no matter what. Forget about all the palaver, all the mediations, all the efforts. Let’s face it, we don’t want peace, we want to run wild, to paraphrase an Israeli pop song from the ’70s. Don’t (...) continue continue
  • Israeli left needs to wake up before it’s too late

    Friday 12 February 2010
    Looking at the way the right acts makes one go green with envy and want to learn from them. Four hundred criminal cases opened against opponents of the 2005 Gaza Strip disengagement, people who threw oil, acid, garbage and stones at soldiers and police, were closed last week and their criminal record expunged. Fifty-one MKs voted in favor of the closure, nine against. That is the true map of Israeli politics (and society). Only about seven percent of the lawmakers believed that this was a (...) continue continue
  • Guerre

    jeudi 21 janvier 2010
    Traduction de l’hébreu : Michel Ghys Article imprimé par Changement de société à partir du site de la Campagne Civile Internationale pour la Protection du Peuple Palestinien : http://www.protection-palestine.org/ Ils ont pris position face à face : armés et prêts à avancer. Tendus vers la confrontation armée et prêts à donner leur vie pour leurs valeurs et leur foi. Deux peuples, deux nations, deux armées dans une rencontre inévitable : la guerre. Pardon, vous avez dit « deux armées » ? Vous avez dit (...) suite suite
  • War by any other name

    Thursday 21 January 2010
    Words, it is true, do not kill; but words can ease the work of killing. From the dawn of the Israeli occupation in the territories - by now an ancient dawn - or perhaps from the very establishment of the state, or maybe even from the revival of Hebrew, the language has been mobilized in active reserve service. There has been a permanent emergency call-up and Hebrew has never doffed its uniform. War after war, doublespeak after doublespeak, words are on the front line. They don’t shed blood, (...) continue continue
  • Twilight Zone / Waltz in Batir

    Friday 15 January 2010
    Reader Nidal Zeghayer, 22, sent me an e-mail. He’d read what I wrote about Highway 443 and wanted to tell me about the other separation roads Israel is paving around his village of Batir, between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. "Will you come see?" he asked. Something about his writing style led me to accept his offer. When we arrived in his village, he was waiting outside, wearing stained clothing: He’s in the midst of helping his father paint their house. Zeghayer is a fourth-year sociology (...) continue continue
  • Obama, you won’t make peace without talking to Hamas

    Thursday 24 September 2009
    It’s as if U.S. President Barack Obama did the least he had to. He "rebuked" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. That’s not how a president with star power acts. That is not how a superpower does things. America is again falling down on the job, and Obama is betraying his mission and the promise of his presidency. True, it’s an anomaly that the United States wants a peace settlement more than the hawkish parties to the conflict, but the leader of the (...) continue continue
  • Ethiopian students affair shows prevalent racism in Israel

    Sunday 6 September 2009
    All of a sudden, we can say "racism." A shock wave has struck complacent Israeli society. A few dozen Ethiopian children were not accepted to religious schools in Petah Tikva. That is truly terrible, everyone tsked-tsked at the heart-rending picture of Aschalo Sama, a boy without a school. Even President Shimon Peres expressed shock. Everyone is permitted to be shocked; it is politically correct. Oh, how beautiful we are, how enlightened we seem to ourselves. Look how we fight racism, (...) continue continue

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