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Joseph Massad

Teaches modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University.

Articles de cet auteur

  • State of recognition

    Saturday 24 September 2011
    Whether the UN grants the PA status as a state or refuses to do so, either outcome will be in Israel’s interest. What is at stake in Barack Obama’s vehement refusal to recognise Palestine as a mini-state with a disfigured geography and no sovereignty, and his urging the world community not to recognise it while threatening the Palestinians with retribution? What is the relationship between Obama’s refusal to recognise Palestine and his insistence on recognising Israel’s right to be a "Jewish (...) continue continue
  • The language of Zionism

    Thursday 13 May 2010
    The reason for the ongoing "violence" in Israel and Palestine is not on account of Israeli colonialism at all but rather a direct result of mistranslation. Joseph Massad provides an abridged lexicon of Zionist terminology continue continue
  • How surrendering Palestinian rights became the language of "peace"

    Tuesday 2 February 2010
    The 1993 Oslo agreement did not only usher in a new era of Palestinian-Israeli relations but has had a much more lasting effect in transforming the very language through which these relations have been governed internationally and the way the Palestinian leadership viewed them. Not only was the Palestinian vocabulary of liberation, end of colonialism, resistance, fighting racism, ending Israeli violence and theft of the land, independence, the right of return, justice and international law (...) continue continue

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