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تموز (يوليو) 2018

Karim Makdisi

Responsable des affaires économiques à la commission économique et sociale des Nations Unis pour l’Asie occidentale (ESCWA). Enseigne à l’Univérsité Américaine de Beyrouth

Articles de cet auteur

  • Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon - Reflections on the international law of force

    Saturday 14 October 2006
    According to the UN, on the morning of 12 July 2006, a Hizbullah unit crossed the Blue Line created by the 1949 Armistice between Israel and Lebanon and attacked an Israeli army patrol near the border, capturing two Israeli soldiers and killing three others. The captured soldiers were brought back into Lebanon, and a heavy exchange of fire ensued between Hizbullah and Israel across the entire length of the Blue Line. Israel’s armed forces targeted, in these initial exchanges, not just (...) continue continue

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