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  • NATO’s other member state

    26 May 2010, by David Cronin
    Israel’s worst-kept secret has finally been revealed. Documents published in recent days show that Israel not only has nuclear weapons — something it has never officially acknowledged — but that it considered selling them to South Africa’s white minority government in 1975. The evidence — contained in Sasha Polakow-Suransky’s new book The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa — appears strong and credible. But will it cause Europe and America to rethink their (...) continue continue
  • "L’embargo accentue le fossé entre la population palestinienne et le monde occidental"

    25 mai 2010, par Christophe Oberlin
    Interview réalisée par Belkacem Adda Benyoussef et Chris Den Hond, avril 2010. "Trois fois par an, depuis 9 ans, je me rends à Gaza avec mes équipes. C’est pour travailler, mais à chaque fois, on prend un peu la température de l’opinion et on voit cette opinion se modifier au fait des mois et des années. Et actuellement la température de l’opinion à Gaza n’est pas très bien retranscrite dans nos médias. Le grand clivage, le décalage s’est constitué très précisément à partir de février 2006, quand le (...) suite suite
  • Israel’s Nukes Out of the Shadows

    26 May 2010, by Jonathan Cook
    Israel faces unprecedented pressure to abandon its official policy of “ambiguity” on its possession of nuclear weapons as the international community meets at the United Nations in New York this week to consider banning such arsenals from the Middle East. Israel’s equivocal stance on its atomic status was shattered by reports on Monday that it offered to sell nuclear-armed Jericho missiles to South Africa’s apartheid regime back in 1975. The revelations are deeply embarrassing to Israel given (...) continue continue
  • In the Zionist Entity:The Authorities and the Public would prefer to outlaw Human Rights Organizations!!!

    25 May 2010, by Adib Kawar
    “Promised Land”– news and opinion from Israel – Ma’ariv (p. 12) by Arik Bender, wrote an article dated April 29th 2010 entitled Knesset moves to outlaw human rights organizations in Israel, “Something very troubling is happening to “the only democracy in the Middle East”. “More than 20 MKs, including members of opposition party Kadima, proposed a new bill which will make it possible to outlaw important human rights groups in Israel. Among the organizations mentioned in the proposed bill are Doctors (...) continue continue
  • The language of Zionism

    by Joseph Massad
    The reason for the ongoing "violence" in Israel and Palestine is not on account of Israeli colonialism at all but rather a direct result of mistranslation. Joseph Massad provides an abridged lexicon of Zionist terminology continue continue
  • Ten Israeli Negotiating Strategies

    10 May 2010, by Mohsen Saleh
    Israel has a negotiating strategy that is designed to prolong the negotiations, allowing more time for the construction of facts on the ground and putting it in a position to impose its will on the "final-status" talks. In fact, the strategy can be broken down into 10 distinct sub-strategies, done in the article that follows. Overall, the Israeli strategy is based on conflict management, not conflict resolution, and it seeks to weaken its opponents bit by bit until they are convinced that (...) continue continue
  • Is Europe’s new Jewish group putting unfair pressure on Israel?

    3 May 2010, by Danna Harman
    A computer analyst and writer who was born in Tunisia, David Chemla lived in Israel for 10 years, served in the Israel Defense Forces and today resides in Paris, where he serves as chair of Peace Now France. He spoke to Haaretz on his way to Brussels, where he was headed to present JCall’s "European Jewish Call for Reason" petition to the European Parliament today. JCall is an initiative of public figures and intellectuals, such as Bernard-Henri Levy, Alain Finkielkraut and Daniel (...) continue continue
  • Sarkozy: Netanyahu’s foot-dragging on peace process is unacceptable

    28 April 2010, by Barak Ravid
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has told his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres that he is disappointed with Benjamin Netanyahu and finds it hard to understand the prime minister’s diplomatic plan. Sarkozy made his comments at the Elysee Palace two weeks ago. The latest criticism follows the diplomatic crisis between Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama and the subsequent fallout between Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. High-level Israeli officials briefed on the (...) continue continue
  • Menaces d’expulsions de Palestiniens : critiques de l’ONU

    19 avril 2010,
    Un expert de l’ONU a vivement critiqué lundi deux ordonnances militaires israéliennes pouvant conduire à l’expulsion ou à l’emprisonnement de ressortissants palestiniens séjournant en Cisjordanie. Ces deux ordonnances militaires "peuvent violer la 4e convention de Genève et la convention internationale sur les droits civils et politiques", avertit dans un communiqué M. Richard Falk, rapporteur spécial de l’ONU sur la situation des droits de l’homme dans les territoires palestiniens occupés. Ces (...) suite suite
  • European jewish call for reason

    22 avril 2010,
    L’appel que vous lirez ci-dessous a déjà été signé par des personnalités et des membres d’associations juives européennes, engagées depuis toujours dans le combat pour la Paix au Moyen-Orient, dont vous lirez les noms ci-dessous. Notre objectif est de rendre publiques les positions de juifs européens, trop longtemps silencieux, et de faire entendre une voix juive solidaire de l’État d’Israël et critique quant aux choix actuels de son gouvernement. Nous appelons toutes celles et tous ceux qui se (...) suite suite

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