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  • Marty Peretz and the American political consensus on Israel

    28 December 2008, by Glenn Greenwald
    Opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian dispute are so entrenched that any single outbreak of violence is automatically evaluated through a pre-existing lens, shaped by one’s typically immovable beliefs about which side bears most of the blame for the conflict generally or "who started it." Still, any minimally decent human being — even those who view the world through the most blindingly pro-Israeli lens possible, the ones who justify anything and everything Israel does, and who discuss (...) continue continue
  • The History and "Morals" of Ethnic Cleansing

    by Victoria Buch
    I arrived in Israel 40 years ago. It took me many years to understand that the very existence of my country, as it is today, is based on an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The project started many years ago. Its seed can be traced to the basic fallacy of the Zionist movement, which set out to establish a Jewish-national state in a location already inhabited by another nation. Under these conditions, one has, at most, a moral right to strive for a bi-national state; establishing a (...) continue continue
  • Il faudra toujours parler avec le Hamas

    par Esther Benbassa
    La tragédie qui se déroule ces jours-ci à Gaza et les tirs de roquettes incessants vers le sud d’Israël montrent une fois de plus que sous-estimer son ennemi n’aide pas à résoudre les conflits. Ni l’Europe ni les Etats-Unis, et encore moins Israël, n’ont voulu voir dans le Hamas une force élue "démocratiquement", quelles que soient par ailleurs sa nature et ses capacités élevées de nuisance. Frapper Gaza ne revient pas seulement à frapper le Hamas, mais aussi et avant tout des Palestiniens qui subissaient (...) suite suite
  • Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land

    2009, by Gilad Atzmon
    Communicating with Israelis may leave one bewildered. Even now when the Israeli Air Force is practicing murder in broad daylight of hundreds of civilians, elderly persons, women and children, the Israeli people manage to convince themselves that they are the real victims in this violent saga. Those who are familiar intimately with Israeli people realise that they are completely uninformed about the roots of the conflict that dominates their lives. Rather often Israelis manage to come up (...) continue continue
  • Vivre en sursis sur une terre volée

    par Gilad Atzmon
    Ceux qui sont intimement familiers du peuple israélien réalisent que ce dernier n’est absolument pas informé des racines du conflit qui domine son existence. Assez souvent, les Israéliens en viennent à des arguments d’un genre bizarre qui ont tout leur sens dans le discours israélien, mais sont dénués de toute signification hors la rue juive. Un de ces arguments est le suivant : ’ces Palestiniens, pourquoi insistent-ils pour vivre sur notre terre (Israël), pourquoi ne s’installent-ils pas tout (...) suite suite
  • Logique de purification ethnique à Gaza

    5 janvier 2009, par Dominique Eddé
    Quel est le bénéfice attendu par Israël, au terme de cette énième entreprise de bombardement, "Plomb durci" ? Sécuriser les citoyens israéliens. Anéantir le Hamas. Connaît-on un cas de figure ayant prouvé, par le passé, que la méthode pouvait marcher ? L’opération "Raisins de la colère", accompagnée du massacre de Cana, au Liban, en 1996 ? Elle a renforcé le Hezbollah et s’est soldée par le retrait des troupes israéliennes du Liban sud en 2000. L’opération "Rempart à Jénine", au printemps 2002 ? "Voie (...) suite suite
  • Gaza: the logic of colonial power

    by Nir Rosen
    As so often, the term ’terrorism’ has proved a rhetorical smokescreen under cover of which the strong crush the weak. I have spent most of the Bush administration’s tenure reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and other conflicts. I have been published by most major publications. I have been interviewed by most major networks and I have even testified before the senate foreign relations committee. The Bush administration began its tenure with Palestinians being massacred and it (...) continue continue
  • غزة

    بقلم المطران جورج خضر
    أرهقتني فلسطين وأرهقها العالم. ولكن بدء المعالجة ان اسرائيل لا توحي الثقة ولا تريد نهاية لقتل أهل فلسطين لأنها غير مقتنعة عميقا بأي حل وغير راغبة في الدولتين. هناك قليل من الواقعيّة اكتسبوها حديثا لكنها بعد ترقب غير بطيء ترتاح اسرائيل الى شراستها لتدخل في عقلية الإبادة وتُطبّق على الناس ما طبّقه هتلر فيها. لا يذهلني أن دولة اسرائيل فقدت كل رحمة، ولكن ما يجرحني ان أحداً لا يؤدّبها او يصرخ في وجهها لعلها ترتدع وتقتنع ان إلغاء شعب آخر سوف يرتدّ عليها. أمنية قلبي أن تدخل اسرائيل في ملكوت الفهم لئلا تتآكل ذاتها ولا يبقى فيها من يعقل حلولا فتخسر هي نفسها ونخسر (...) تتمة تتمة
  • Israel’s Constant Crisis

    by Justin Raimondo
    As the Israelis continue to pound Gaza, killing Hamas cadre, traffic cops, and civilians alike, Americans shake their heads and wonder: why can’t they all just get along? Why must we be involved? The answer to both questions lies in understanding the peculiar nature of the Israeli state and its "special relationship" to the West, specifically the U.S. Defenders of the Israeli government and its policies often complain that Israel just wants to be treated as a "normal country," like any (...) continue continue
  • Falk: Israel’s Attacks on Gaza Illegal

    United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Professor Richard Falk said that the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip represent "severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Conventions, both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war." In his statement, Prof. Falk said that Israeli has committed multiple violations which include collective (...) continue continue

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